ProjectFab is a new FREE online service that lets you manage your clients and projects, easily.

Project Management Made Simple

Often, one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of a project is communicating progress, changes and issues with the client. This is not usually due to the fault of any person, it's just difficult keeping track of whats been said, what should have happened, what did not happen and why.

ProjectFab is intended to make communicating with clients during projects, as straight forward as possible. This saves time, money and maybe even relationships.

What's different about ProjectFab?

ProjectFab uses a One Page model to project management. We believe that the most crucial aspects of project management is keeping everything together, in one place. That is why we have optimised our project view to be on one page. Of course, you as a project administrator may be taken from the project view page to make changes to the project, add milestones, attach project files and so forth, but viewing the status of the project, reading and posting updates and progressing the project is all on one page.

What does the client see?

One page. Your client will only ever see one page when viewing the project. This one page allows them to post comments/feedback, attach files, request updates and much more.


Soon. There is no clear date for when ProjectFab will be open to the public yet, but it will be in the early part of 2012 so get ready for an easier, more streamlined approach to project management.

Anything else?

Yes! ProjectFab also allows you to manage your clients through our client address book aswell as creating invoices that are automatic sent to clients. There's more too, but we can't tell you about it all yet.